DevOps Curriculum for 2023

Become a DevOps Engineer by this time next year.

DevOps Curriculum for 2023

Hi everyone, this year I am giving back to the community by teaching the full DevOps curriculum for free. I'm talking AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, Jenkins; the lot.

I can understand how confusing it can be when learning so many tools when you are brand new to tech.

As a DevOps Technical Trainer, I know what you need to know to become competent and the most effective way to learn.

Expect to see videos of hands-on tutorials when we get past the 'Frameworks & Theory' section.

Which tools will I become skilled in?

The curriculum below outlines which tools will be covered during the course:

Frameworks & Theory

  1. Agile

  2. DevOps

  3. Cloud

    Coding Basics

  4. Git

  5. Markdown

  6. Linux

    DevOps Toolkit

  7. Docker

  8. Docker-Compose

  9. Docker Swarm

  10. Advanced Python

  11. NGINX

  12. Jenkins Intro

  13. Jenkins Pipeline

  14. Advanced Jenkins

  15. Ansible

  16. Terraform

  17. Kubernetes

  18. AWS

These tools cover the complete DevOps pipeline from coding to deployment and learning these will have you job-ready for your new tech role!

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